Shoreview Historical Society

Learning about Shoreview’s history can be fun, especially if you are part of it. It’s not exactly like studying the Roman Empire or the Dead Sea Scrolls, but through a group of dedicated people in our Society you are able to delve into areas of your interest about our community.

The Larson home, previously owned by Art and Edna Larson, has recently become the new home for the Shoreview Historical Society. The second floor will be used to provide office and storage space for the SHS. The home is located on the northwest corner of Lexington Ave. and County Rd. I, near Turtle Lake School and the Fire Station.

The main floor of the Larson home will eventually become a museum featuring a period of time when the Larsons lived in the home. The Shoreview Historical Society would like thank the Shoreview Community Foundation, that has provided a $5000 grant to cover an intern who will help with research and setting up the museum.

4305 Parkview Court
Vadnais Heights, MN 55127

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