Creation Date
1830 – 1840


11.430 cm. W x 1.524 cm. D x 55.880 cm. L Item (Overall)

Two wooden yarn spools on a wooden rod which passes through three wooden blocks 5" high. The blocks are rounded with ends that come to a point. The blocks and spools are alternately arranged. The base is 22" long and 4.5" wide. At one end a design has been carved in the same shape as the blocks. These yarn spools were used from 1830 to 1840. The spools were used on spinning wheels. Yarn would be spun from raw wool onto the spools, then they were placed on a rack like this and spun together to create 2 ply yarn. The yarn would be pulled from both spools and twisted together onto a third spool on the spinning wheel.

Related People and Organizations
Arneson, Andrew

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