Creation Date
Skirt: Heavy handwoven brown wool skirt with red stripes at the hem. The skirt is full length. The skirt is gathered in the back for fullness. The waistband is 7/8" wide and has been fixed. The cotton waistband has gray and red patterned circles and oblong shapes with 2 points. The waistband has 4" of black material where the button is. It closes at the back with one large hook and a black cloth loop. There is one button on each edge of the waistband. The right one is white pearl and the left one is tan celluloid?. There are four buttons across the front of the waistband. Two of the buttons are white pearl and two are white celluloid? The waistband has been taken in at two places in front. 10 5/8" from the bottom is tan with 3 thin red stripes alternating with wide tan, 4 wide stripes with thin tan, 3 thin red with wide tan, brown stripe at bottom. Condition - There are no holes or stains. The skirt was made in Norway circa 1770s and brought to America circa 1852 by the Finnesgaards of Kenyon.
Geographic Notes

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