Creation Date
circa 1930 – 1959
Umbrella: Off white nylon umbrella. The umbrella is 33 1/4" long from ferrule to handle. The cover is off white nylon. Around the bottom edging of the cover printed repeatedly in a thin off white stripe is "NYLON E.P.G." There is no inside cover. The cover is approximately 18 1/2" long (at a rib) and has an approximately 33" diameter when opened. It has black metal ribs. The stick is silver colored metal. Below the cover the stick has a 6 1/4" long black painted wood section over the metal. The handle is light silver colored metal with a pattern of short scratch like marks in diagonal lines. The handle is 4 3/4" long and has a 3 1/4" wide curve that is 2 1/4" high. Above the handle on the black wood part are two cream colored twisted thread cords wrapped around the stick. The cords have one large tassel that is 4" long. The tassel has a ball covered with horiztonal cord and fringes at the bottom. The ferrule is silver colored metal and is 3" long. At the base of the ferrule is a 5/8" wide off white plastic? base. The sliding tube that opens the umbrella is off white plastic?. There is a metal clip inside the tube that is pushed in to open the cover. Condition - There is a small thread at the bottom of the cover where a cover closure device may have been. The cover has a few light black marks and some faint light brown staining along the creases. The cord has light brown dirt staining. The wooden part of the stick has slight worn marks. Given in rememberance of Pearl Wendler. Pearl Wendler was born in 1895 in Red Wing to Amanda. She may have lived in Ramsey County in 1920 and even by 1905. Russell Wendler was her brother.

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