Creation Date
circa 1870 – 1909
Parasol: Black silk parasol. The parasol is 34 1/2" long from ferrule to handle. The cover is black silk. At the bottom of the cover is an approximately 7" wide (when the top pleat us up) black gauze like netting that hangs down There is a 1/2" hem at the bottom of the netting. There is a 3/4" wide black gauze like netting pleat at the top of the netting. There is no inside cover. The cover is approximately 22 1/2" long (including the netting and excluding the netting on the ferrule) and has an approximately 27" diameter when opened (excluding the netting). It has black metal ribs. The stick is light brown colored wood (cane?). At the bottom of the stick is an approximately 1 1/4" wide white porcelain? tip with a thin gold line around the top. The top is broken and there is masking tape around it. There is a bronze colored metal band above the top of the porcelain. There is no handle. The ferrule is wood (cane?) and is 5 1/2" long. At the top of the cover at the bottom of the ferrule are two layers of approximately 2 1/2" wide black gauze like netting bunched together. The sliding tube that opens the parasol is bronze colored metal. There is a metal clip inside the tube that is pushed in to open the cover. On the inside at the top ribs is a black silk gathered circle. Condition - The cover has large light brownish black faded areas and some small brown spots. There are numerous small and large holes and rips in the silk cover. There are small holes in the netting. One rib is detached at the end of the cover. The porcelain tip is broken and there is masking tape wrapped around it. The metal ribs have slight corrosion. Found in the Sherman house on Third Street next to the Post Office in Red Wing. William and Emma Sherman lived at 620 West 3rd Street. It's listed in the 1893 city directory. They may both have born in 1862 and died in 1941.

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