Creation Date
1910 – 1959
Umbrella: Black cotton umbrella. The umbrella is 30 3/4" long from ferrule to handle. The cover is black cotton. At the bottom of the cover is a 1/2" wide x 5 3/4" long black cotton strip that wraps around the cover. It is fastened to the cover by a black wood? button and there is a black metal ring towards the end of the strip. There is no inside cover. The cover is approximately 23 1/2" long (at a rib) and has an approximately 33" diameter when opened. It has black metal ribs. The tips of the ribs are light brown transparent bakelite?. The stick is brown colored metal. The bottom of the stick has a 5 3/4" long and 1 1/8" diameter rounded light brown wood straight handle. The bottom of the handle is medium brown wood with two large engraved leaves. Around the top of the handle is a 1/2" wide brown leather holding strap that is 5 1/2" long. The strap is attached towards the bottom of the handle with a round brown metal fastener. The ferrule is brown colored metal and is 7/8" long. The sliding tube that opens the umbrella is black metal. There is a metal clip inside the tube that is pushed in to open the cover. There is a circle of black cotton at the top of the sliding tube below the ribs. On the inside at the top by the ribs is a white label with a black outlined square with a black "26" in it. Condition - The cover has some faint white spots. The cover has long sections of faded brown areas that are mostly at the top. The metal stick has areas where the brown color has worn off. The sliding tube has slight corrosion. The leather carrying strap is worn. MOLD? - The umbrella may have had mold. There are some faint white spots. There was lots of fuzz. There were a few white sticky web type spots. It was laid out in the basement room by the elevator from 4/6 - 4/12/2010. The outside and slightly inside of the umbrella were vacuumed on 4/12/2010.

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