Cyrus High School Pep Squad 1941.
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19 x 24 cm

Cyrus High School Pep Squad 1941. Miss Johnson, Marcella Anderson, Shirley Anderson Murphy, Marian Olson Cross, Elaine Abrahamson Spaulding, Doris Tollefson Driggens, Rubye Hanse Alfson, Ellen Lerdahl Carol Andersom Boettcher, Marcella Applen, Marcella Alfson Hanson. Beth Beusing, Phyllis Estenson Bright, Francis Olson Alfson, Agnes Anderson, Joanne Havnen, Avis Anderson Brandt

Related People and Organizations
Anderson, Marcella "Sally"
Murphy, Shirley
Anderson, Shirley J. "Shirl"
Cross, Marian
Olson, Marian
Abrahamson, Elaine
Spaulding, Elaine
Tollefson, Doris "Ducco"
Driggens, Doris
Alfson, Rubye
Hanse, Rubye "Rueben"
Lerdahl, Ellen "Slim"
Anderson, Carol "Andy" (Cyrus)
Boettcher, Carol
Applen, Marcella
Alfson, Marcella "Celly"
Hanson, Marcella
Beusing, Beth
Estenson, Phyllis
Bright, Phyllis
Alfson, Franicis
Olson, Francis
Anderson, Agnes
Havnen, Joanne
Anderson, Avis
Brandt, Avis
Cyrus High School
Geographic Notes
Cyrus, Minnesota

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