Creation Date
Jacket: Navy blue heavy wool serge (cotton?) suit jacket showing military influence in design. There is a long oblong lapel collar that points out at the ends. The collar extends to the first button. The jacket closes with 4 large black plastic? buttons. The buttons have a raised circle on top of the bottom circle. There is a 1/2" wide black ribbed cotton ribbon at the bottom of each cuff. On each cuff are 5 horizontal rows of 1/4" wide black ribbon faded to olive with 4 black plastic? buttons at the outer edge. At the waist are 5 horizontal rows of the same faded black ribbon. The ribbon extends from the front side to the back side. At the end of each ribbon is a black button. Under the bottom ribbon in the front and back sides is a vertical row of 4 black buttons. These buttons are slightly farther out than the buttons at the ends of the ribbons. Each front and back side of the bottom of the jacket has two pleats that start at the waist. The buttons at the waist are on the pleats. On the back of the jacket on the inner side of the pleats there is a long thin raised vertical line of the fabric that extends from the bottom to the top of the buttons and has a black thread triangle at the top to make it look like and arrow. The jacket has a cotton royal blue lining with a coral, hot pink, black, and gray abstract circular design. The lining is hand-sewn. Condition - MOLD? - The jacket may have had mold. There was a small spot on the bottom back. It was laid out to dry and was vacuumed on 2/8/2006. Worn by Mrs. Emma (George) Lohmeyer (1/24/1883-9/30/1969). Emma Luhman was born in Goodhue to Mr. and Mrs. John Luhman. She married George Lohmeyer on 9/5/1900 in Goodhue. They farmed in the Zumbrota area and moved to Red Wing in 1918. The donor is her son-in-law.

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