Creation Date
1940 – 1959


82 in. H x 58.5 in. L Item (Overall)

Quilt: Double bed quilt in a Trip Around the World pattern. The quilt is 82" x 58 1/2". The quilt is made of 2" square blocks. There are blocks that form two large diamonds in the center, a three-fourth diamond on each of the two sides, and a quarter diamond in each corner. The diamond is white with a light green inner border and a black outer border. All the other blocks are a mix of colors and patterns. There is a 1 1/2" white border on top. The backing is white. Many blocks are fraying. There are light tan stains on the front and back. The quilt was made by Mathilda (Mrs. Wm.) Dicke in the 1940s-1950s. She did a lot of sewing. She lived on Grandview Ave, Red Wing. She was born in 1895.
Geographic Notes
Red Wing/Goodhue County County/MN/USA

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