Drum, Bass


Creation Date
1920 – 1930


33.020 cm. D Item (Overall)

62.230 cm. Diameter

Bass Drum - used by Ed Torfin in the Soo Line band in the 1920s. The drum has the Soo Line logo in black in a red square on one side. The other side is blank. The drum is in poor condition. Both heads are torn and the rim is cracked. It is 13" deep and 24.5" in diameter. It has 10 metal brackets to hold the drum together. It has its own canvas case with the Soo Line logo on the outside. "EDD TORFIN" is stenciled along one side in black. There are small holes in the canvas, but it is in better condition than the drum. The drum in its case is pictured with the band in a photograph in our collection.

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