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7.63 in. H x 5.5 in. W

Emelia Eck
Christmas card from White Rock State Bank in White Rock, 1970. The front cover of the card has a drawing of a snow covered church with people standing outside. The colors are predominantly grayish blue and white with white glitter. The inside of the card has a holiday and New Year greeting and wish. Printed underneath that is "WHITE ROCK STATE BANK/WHITE ROCK, MINNESOTA/STOP IN FOR COFFEE ON WED., DEC. 16 ("1970" wirtten in blue ink)". The card is a "A Sunshine Card". The donor's parents were Francis (10/20/1915 Belle Creek Township - 7/7/1999 Hager City, WI) and Ruth Ryan Bodelson (1/18/1912 Belle Creek Township - 2/9/1981 Rochester) who lived in the White Rock area for a while. Francis Bodelson owned and presided over the White Rock State Bank. Francis's parents were Martin and Alice Bodelson of Belle Creek Township.
Geographic Notes
n-us-mn : Stevens County : Morris (city)

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