Blanket, Saddle


Creation Date
1931 – 1955

49 inches wide x 36 1/4 inches long

"Saddle Blanket. This very old well worn saddle blanket, was woven by the Navajos in red and gold small-design weave. There are some Bayeta threads in it." 49 inches wide x 36 1/4 inches long. This red material is from a fine Turkish woolen cloth called balleta. It used to be imported to Mexico, whence the Navahos procured it at first. Later, it was sold at some of the trading-posts in this territory. The fixed price of it was $6 a pound. The Navahos used to ravel this cloth and use the thread for their finest blankets; and it made such blankets as never have been produced elsewhere. Their durability is wonderful. They never fade, no matter how frequently washed.

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