Creation Date
1880 – 1906


152.400 cm. H x 116.840 cm. W x 254.000 cm. L Item (Overall)

Lathe made of wood 5'6" high, 3'6" wide. On one end of the lathe is a small grinding stone and the other end has a reciprocating saw. In the middle is a turning lathe. All three are foot powered by a treadle that runs beneath the machine. A series of wheels and belts on the left hand side control the speed. There is a partially finished rolling pin in the lathe. It was made by Ole Steen and bought by J. H. "Colonel" Peterson at an auction. When he could not re-sell it, is was brought to his home and later to the museum. Ole Steen was born in Norway Sept. 19, 1845 and died in 1906. He used the lathe to build his house in Home City Township, Douglas County in 1902 or 1903.

Related People and Organizations
Peterson, J. H.
Steen, Ole

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