Creation Date
1940 – 1945


43.815 cm. H x 38.100 cm. W x 110.490 cm. L Item (Overall)

Width does not include the paddles.

Model pontoon boat. Made if 16 gauge welded steel. The pontoon floats are 42" in length extending out from under the deck into 9" cones. The boat deck is made of wood, open-sided and fitted with chairs. The chairs face outward so riders can enjoy the view. There is a striped canvas roof over the deck. A curtain hangs across one end. There is a place to attach the motor at that end. The other end has a round seat with a removable lid that can be used as a toilet or for hanging a minnow bucket into the lake water. An anchor with a rope on a pulley hangs of that end. There are hooks around the sides to hold equipment. The metal oars have movable flaps so that they meet resistance and move the boat forward when they move one direction, and meet no resistance when they move the other way. In other words, they don't need to be lifted out of the water between strokes. This model was made into a lifesize pontoon and was called Lillie of 10,000 Lakes. It was ahead of its time, as it was jeers and finally ordered from the lake "before someone drowns". Its inventor was Arthur Smithson, Glenwood artisan who has a long list of inventions to his credit, which are in use today.

Related People and Organizations
Smithson, Charles
Smithson, Arthur

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