Camelbak Water Pack
Creation Date
2004 – 2011
Camelbak Water Pack used by Nicholas Hasskamp, who served in the US Army from 2011-2016. The camelbak is a soft canteen worn on the body like a backpack. The water is held in a bladder (not included in this donation) inside the backpack and the wearer uses a small hose to drink the water. The outside end of the hose has a bite nozzle so that water can only flow through if it is compressed. This one is in the digital camo pattern.
Geographic Names
Afghanistan, Afghanistan, AS [33,66] [id:1149361]
Vilseck, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany, EU [49.6148,11.80261] [id:2817207]
Fort Benning, Chattahoochee, Georgia, United States, NA [32.35237,-84.96882] [id:4195789]

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