Brace, Woodworking


Drill Brace;The Stagecoach Players Season Announcement Mailer
Creation Date
1830 – 1919


7.620 cm. H x 15.240 cm. W x 31.115 cm. L Item (Overall)

7.620 cm. H x 15.240 cm. W x 31.115 cm. L x 31" H x 23" W

Iron brace, 12.25" long and bent for hand grip. There is a wooden knob on top with a brass ring underneath. At the bottom of the brace is a square slot for holding the bit. The hold knob is broken, but polished from use. It was clearly used after breaking, and is still in working order.
Plat map of for Independent School District No. 277 (dated 12/3/1963).
Cream colored paper, black ink printed on the face. 1965 season announcement mailer for The Stagecoach Players, who performed at the Stagecoach Museum and Opera House, located on Highway 101 between Savage and Shakopee. The second page features names of those in the company, and the inside pages feature a blank mailer recipients can fill out to receive a performance list and price schedules. There is also a large list of the plays/musicals that would be played between June and October 1965. A map of the location of the Museum and Opera House is located on the back. Butsch, Tom Moulton, Robert Josal, Wendell Sutton, Vern Flaten, David Fondrick, Diane Morrow, Cloyce Pogue, Kate Workman, Curt Dengel, Kay Fellman, Carolyn Hatfield, Paige Holmay, Kathy Lauder, William Quanrud, Nathanael Siegel, Mark Taylor, Phillip Carlson, Roberta Rowe, William Rydeen, Carol

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Halvorson, Henry

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