Puller, Nail


Creation Date
1898 – 1910


43.180 cm. H x 13.970 cm. W Item (Overall)

Measurements are of the tool in the closed position.

Mechanical nail puller. This is one of the earlier patented, heavy duty nail puller from the 19th century! It also is one of the most complex designs of that era, with several moving parts! The sliding cast handle section is marked "SAMSON" on one side and "PAT. AUG.16.92 MAR.1.98" in raised cast lettering. The sliding handle has two functions, one is to use the L shaped section as a hammer against the round shanked nail pinchers (to get hold on the nail), 2nd is as a sliding leverage extension. The unit is about 24" long when the handle is fully extended. There is also a unique cast side handle for additional grip on the tool while in use, or for carrying it. Once the nail is gripped by the pinchers, as large cast pad is in place to give plenty of support against the wood the nail is being removed from. This unit will pull the nail out about 2.5" from the pad on the bottom or the deck surface.

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