Creation Date
1926 – 1940


36.830 cm. H x 25.400 cm. W x 46.990 cm. L Item (Overall)

36.830 cm. H x 25.400 cm. W x 46.990 cm. L x 18" H x 24" W

Service station oil carrying case and five quart bottles. The oil came in bulk and these quart bottles were filled as they were used. One bottle has a spout, the other have caps. The caps are Kerr lids with rings. The spout is 5" tall and embossed with the words: The Master, mfg Co. Litchfield, Ill. Pats Sept 14, 1926. This set was bought at an auction sale. The 14.5" tall case is of sturdy steel wires and can hold up to 8 bottles. It has a coiled handle. The 5 bottles in this set have information embossed on the sides. They are 9" high and 4" in diameter at the bottom. They have a narrow neck and a wide mouth. 4 bottles are similar. They read" Duraglas one liquid quart / Approved model BW-122B / PA Serial M24 / 64 MINN (in a triangle) / NC M 10 Approved (in a circle) / Mass 0-11-B Seal / Fill to line. The other bottle has a slightly different shape. It reads: Marquette Mfg. Co. / Saint Paul, Minn. / One liquid quart / Fill to line at arrow point. The carrier is labeled a and the bottles are labeled b-f. b being the one with the spout and f being the one with the slightly different shape.
Family tree chart of Mary and John decedents of Schmid.

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