Creation Date
1881 – 1939


8.890 cm. H x 17.780 cm. L Item (Overall)

Stereographs. A series of 25 cards with colored images of the aftermath of the San Fancisco Fire and Earthquake of 1906. There is information about each scene printed on the back of the card. A stereograph is a double-image of the same subject that, when viewed through a stereoscope, appears to be one three-dimensional photograph. Stereographs are made by a single camera with two lenses set approximately two-and-a-half inches apart--about the same distance as that between the eyes. The viewer places the stereograph in the wire slots in the holder and then looks through the two lenses, moving the holder back or forth until the single three-dimensional image is in focus.

Related People and Organizations
Schulk, Dagny

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