Creation Date
1897 – 1930


8.890 cm. H x 17.780 cm. L Item (Overall)

Stereocards / stereographs. Stereographs are dual images meant to be viewed through a stereoscope. The images are slightly different from each other, and when seen through a viewer, produce a three dimensional effect. According to the documentation, there should be 38 cards. I found 40 with numbers. One Is from Yellowstone Park. It is a black and white image of "Comet Geyser during eruption" Made by F. Jay Haynes, Fargo, Dakota Territory, Official Photographer of the Northern Pacific Railway. There is an explanation on the back of the card. 4 cards are from the Columbian Exposition / Chicago World's Fair of 1893. 3 cards are from various sites around the world: St. Peter Square, Italy; Edinburgh Scotland; and Hamburg Germany. All 7 are from B. W. Kilburn from Littleton New Hampshire.

Related People and Organizations
Veien, Andrew

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