Machine, Adding


Creation Date
1895 – 1973


106.680 cm. H x 30.480 cm. W x 48.260 cm. L Item (Overall)

Burroughs adding machine style #3. it has digits up to the millionth place and a full keyboard. The heavy cast iron body has glass front and sides and can print to either a full sheet or a small roll. This one currently has a roll in place. There is a side table attached to the base, but the arm that holds it in position is missing. The stand has 4 legs and wheels. There is a leather cover lying on the stand that is in very poor condition. By process of elimination, I believe that this machine is the one donated by Murton Pennie on October 30, 1980. Burroughs hand operated adding machine and metal stand. The first owner was Roy L. Smith of Villard. He had a grocery store and operated the grain elevator in the early 1900's - The second owner was William Pennie also of Villard. He acquired the machine in 1924 or 25 and used it in his township assessor business as well as for his farm records. The third owner was Murton Pennie who acquired it in 1952 when his father William passed away. Murton used it in the same business as his father until 1973, when he acquired a hand calculator.

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