Pan, Cake


Shakopee Mobile Meals Articles of Incorporations
Creation Date

1990 – 2016


2.540 cm. D Item (Overall)

22.860 cm. Diameter

3 gray enamel cake pans 9" in diameter and .75" deep. Enamel is touch and durable, has a bright, glossy and easily cleaned surface. In 1910, they sold for 5 cents a piece in the Sears and Roebuck catalog.
This collection of documents contain letters, emails, and correspondence in regard to the non-profit status and dissolution of the Shakopee Mobile Meals organization. Copies of 990 forms are well as Articles of Incoroporation. This collection also includes a folder which cotained all of the papers. Cook, Mary

Related People and Organizations
Olson, Annette M.

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