Creation Date
1894 – 1920


1 in. H x 12 in. W x 19 in. L Item (Overall)

Painting: Oil painting of a girl sitting in a boat. The girl is wearing clothes in shades of white and brown. She has braids. She is sitting on the edge of the boat with her head down. The boat is long and flat. The boat is near a dark green and brown grassy area of the lake or river. There are faint light purplish-gray hills in the background. The sky has shades of white and gray. It is painted on canvas. The canvas attaches to a wooden stretcher with nails around the edges. There is one wooden wedge or key in the back upper left corner and two in the lower right corner. There is no frame. The image and canvas are the same with dimensions The pieces of wood comprising the stretcher are 1 3/4" wide. Stamped in black on the back right side of the stretcher is "12/THE PELEGER 20 (? - hard to read)/PAT. FEB. ___". "Alone" painted by Harriet Wasson Deuel Webster, instructor in art at the Lutheran Ladies Seminary. She was an art instructor the entire time of the school's existence, from 1894-1920. She was born on 11/18/1860 in New York. She lived in Red Wing for 54 years. She married John H. Webster in 1914. She died on 12/25/1943. Her obituary stated that she spent much time and effort studying art, having a deep appreciation of it and a wide knowledge of its history. She was one of the original members of the local Art History club and helped to organize it in 1902, serving as its art leader for more than 30 years. Her special field was oil painting, and in the days when china painting was in vogue, she was an expert, developing her own designs and creating much that was original. She was also an expert in the firing of china and established that, as well as other phases of art, at the Lutheran Ladies Seminary in Red Wing from the time it was built until it was destroyed by fire.
Geographic Notes
Red Wing/Goodhue County County/MN/USA

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