Box, Glove


Box, Glove
Box, Glove
Brown Wood Glove Box with Flower, Woman, and "GLOVES" Engraving


2" H x 10" W x 2" D x 3 1/2" L

Glove box made of light-weight wood. The top outside and inside of the box is engraved with the image of a flower, a woman, the word "GLOVES", and various patterns made of lines. The inside and the sides of the box are engraved with an abstract, scale-like pattern. There are various brown stains on the box. The bottom of the box has the name "S. KANTEN" written on it, as well as "Property of Helga (Starbak) Kanten or Hilda (Kjaglien) Kanten. Cr. 1910 - 1920". The acquisition number is also written on the bottom of the box in black pen

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