2018 Shakopee Indians Roster and Schedule
Creation Date
1784 – 1966


78.740 cm. H x 45.720 cm. W x 35.560 cm. D Item (Overall)

This chair, made of split hickory, is 13.5" high at the seat. The seat is 12.5" long, 17" wide at the front, and tapers to 14" in the back. The back rest is 18" high. This chair was owned by Mrs. Ethel Winslow Mainey, and was given to her grandmother (Mrs. John Smith of Westport) in about 1884, by Mrs. Sam Sheels of Villard. The age at the time was calculated to be at least 100 years old. Mrs. John Smith gave the chair to her daughter Mrs. Orlando Winslow in about 1886. Many years later, she gave it to her daughter Mrs. Ethel (Winslow) Mainey. The seat of the chair is split hickory. The entire chair is made up of the original parts.
This pamphlet was produced for the Shakopee Indians baseball team for the 2018 State Amatuer Baseball tournament which was help at Schleper Stadium. The cover has the team logo with a small introduction. Inside is a roster of the Shakopee Indians team and a list of who they will be facing during the season. Schleper, Gary Greeley, Bob

Related People and Organizations
Mainey, Ethel
Smith, Mary
Sheets, Elva Josephine (Butler)
Winslow, Mary Elizabeth
Winslow, Ethel

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