Embarkment from the Palace
Creation Date
circa 1910
1896 – 1920

31.750 cm. Diameter

Maker's Mark
Iris E.P.P.CO.
Large painted premium plate. Inscription on rim reads: "Compliments I.S. Selleseth & Co. Glenwood, Minn." Outer edge scalloped and trimmed with gold. Inner rim has repeating design of 3 and 4-leaf clovers in gold. Color picture in center depicts "Embarkment from the Palace." Several Men, probably Christopher Columbus and his crew, are rowing toward their waiting ships. On the shore stands a monk with his arms stretched out in blessing. Next to him is a kneeling monk and behind them is a crowd of people watching the departure. The plate was made by the East Palestine Pottery Company under the Iris label. A smaller plat with the same picture was made in 1910 by the Knowles Taylor Knowles company for the Pittsburgh Commandery No. 1. of the Knights Templar commemorating the 31st triennial Conclave in Chicago.

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Schroeder, Sandy
I. S. Selleseth and Company

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