The Parker Barker, Issue # 4
Creation Date
1918 – 1919
August 2 1978


15.240 cm. W x 24.130 cm. L Item (Overall)

Pair of tan canvas leggings, part of a United States Army Uniform from World War I / WWI. The leggings have hooks on one side and a long, round lace on the other side. The lace gets looped over each hook and pulled tight. There is a strap and buckle on the bottom of each legging. This strap fits under the wearer's boot to hold the legging in place. They were used by Matthew Malyon in France and Germany during WWI.
The Park Barker was a newsletter for the staff members of Valleyfair that discusses staff events, meetings, and articles about life. This issue starts by discussing what can be found on the parks new petting zoo. The inside is a line up and sign up sheet for the Valleyfair softball league.

Related People and Organizations
Malyon, Bessie
Malyon, Matthew

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