Creation Date
1838 – 1900


135.890 cm. L Item (Overall)

Musket. According to the Pink Card it was donated by E. H. Engebretson. They called it a Civil War Gun and the first gun owned by E. H. Engebretson. Engebretson was wounded at Stone's River in Murphy's Bourough Tennessee. A year later he became a POW guard. The marking reads Harpers Ferry 1838. It is a 1816 model manufactured in Harpers Ferry Virginia. There is an Eagle and US on the side. It was once a flintlock, but was converted to percussion cap. The Model 1816 musket was originally produced at the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Arsenals between 1816 and 1844. Around 675,000 were made, more than any other flintlock in U.S. history.[2] The Model 1816 was originally produced as a flintlock musket. Like many flintlock muskets, many of these were later converted to percussion cap, as the percussion cap system was much more reliable and weather resistant. The Model 1816 was used by Texans during the Texas Revolution and by the US Army and militia during the Mexican–American War. It was also used during the early years of the American Civil War until around 1862. Many improvements to the Model 1816 were made, producing the Model 1822, Model 1835, Model 1840, and Model 1842. U.S. Ordnance Department referred to these as different models, but in other U.S. government documents they are referred to as a continuation of the Model 1816.[3] Modern histories are similarly inconsistent in the nomenclature of these weapons.

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