Uniform hat



7 5/8

Black navy uniform hat. Wool hat with plastic and leatherette brim. Size 7 5/8. Dark wool top encircled with black ribbed band at base; metal embroidery patch with eagle and shield in front of crossed anchors attached front center. Metallic ribbon band across front of hat, attached halfway back each side with brass button stamped with anchor. Two grommets on each side of hat above buttons. Brim made of black textured plastic, top covered in leatherette. Inside lined with black silky fabric and brown leather around the base. Fabric lining printed with logo of ship with "S. Appel & Co Uniforms 18 Fulton St. New York"; leather lining stamped with "S. Appel & Co Correct Uniforms Est. 1885 New York and Miami"
Geographic Notes
New York
United States

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