Material, Worked


  • Material, Worked
Material, Worked
Material, Worked
Creation Date
1100 – 1300


1 in. H x 1 in. W x 2 in. L Item (Overall)

Material, Worked: Brown, possibly an abrader. Found in a clear plastic container along with other numbered and unnumbered objects. Two object catalogue cards were found in the box, the first of which reads, "Not numbered, Pottery sherds, flakes, scrapers, pieces of bone, shell, chips. Probably Mississippian (shoulder hoe also found at Bryan Site). Donated by David Nystuen, 1973, found by David Nystuen at the Bryan Site. These were displayed in a Storage Pit exhibit." The text of the second card reads: "These pieces of broken pottery and bone, stone flakes, scrapers and chips, and clam shells were found in a deep trash pit at the Bryan site. Pits were dug to store food, and later were used for 'garbage.' Mississippian. 2 pieces pottery, 1 sm bone, 1 piece of clamshell put into new Bryan case 2/18/89(4?)."

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