Material, Worked


  • Material, Worked
Material, Worked
Material, Worked
Material, Worked
Creation Date
950 – 1300


1 in. W x 1 in. L Item (Overall)

Material, Worked: Tan, probably a flake or scraper. Comes with card that reads "Category: Flakes/ Donated by: Rev. A. T. Gesner/ Location: Omro, Wisconsin." 12/12/2017 Original object number 1.1.1407, but 1.1.1407 is already assigned to an object. From earlier 1.1.1407 PastPerfect description: "Stone knife found near outlet of Cannon Lake, Rice County MN. Archaic through Mississippian. Card display #4." Goes with 1.1.1400-1.1.1408.

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