Creation Date
1944 – 1946


7 in. H Item (Overall)

3.25 in. Diameter

Chalice: Silver chalice. The base has a raised ridge around the rim. The inside of the cup and the bottom of the base are not polished. The cup is tarnished. The bottom inside of the cup is black and is scratched. From earlier PastPerfect description: "Part of a 5 piece communion set. Donor writes "The following information was given by James Million and Lee Million, sons of Rowe B. Million and his wife, Eva. 'During his two year service in the U.S. Navy (circa 1944-46), Rowe Million was a Lt. J.G. Chaplain and served in the South Pacific on a ship named the U.S.S. Ajax.' The attached article from the Red Wing paper gives his history (in the donor file). The communion set and typewriter were used by him on active duty. The communion set was donated to First Presbyterian Church by the family (probably wife Eva) when they were members of the church. It was in a display case and survived the disasterous fire of 2002. (The canvas carrying case was lost in the fire). The tyepwriter was donated by son, Lee Million of Red Wing, MN. " "

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