Dictating Machine


Creation Date
1920 – 1939

11 long, 11 wide, 9 high

Dictating/transcribing equipment consisting of disc-playing and cutting machine in a case with gold and brown herringbone pattern on outside; includes headset, foot pedals, microphone, several blank and filled discs, and punched paper strips. Dimensions given are for closed case. Note from donor reads: "This dictating-transcribing equipment was used by the late O.K. Alger when he practiced law in Morris, in 1920s and 1930s. Donated by estate of O.K. Alger, Hazel Kruger, Pers. Representative. O.K. Alger was Municipal Judge in Morris for a number of years, and later was the first County Court Judge (December 1, 1971) when Stevens County went from old Probate Court-Municipal Court systems to County Court system which combined functions of both under one judge and one office."
Geographic Notes

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