Creation Date
1931 – 1955


11.430 cm. D Item (Overall)

26.035 cm. Diameter

"Black, rectangular designs woven from devil's claw are worked into the natural colored willow basket, measuring 10 1/4 inches in diameter by 6 inches deep. The weaving, done for this basket by the Chemehuevis Indians, is of the coil type, meaning the outer layer is wrapped around a heavier base. In this case the outer willow was wrapped around a willow twig warp. This beautiful basket was given to me by Mrs. B. B. Brown, November 23, 1936. Mrs. Brown is reputed to have had the finest collection of Chemehuevis baskets from the Colorado River reservation in the country. Dr. Tisinger and I spent the evening with Mrs. Brown at Parker, Arizona. She is one of the interesting people I like to recall." THere are 7 rows with 25 stitches per inch. The Chemehuevis are the only tribe to coil their baskets counter clockwise.

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