Creation Date
1931 – 1955


30.480 cm. H Item (Overall)

33.020 cm. Diameter

30.480 cm. H x 11" H x 8.75" W

"This is an Apache burden basket, 13 inches in diameter, 11 1/2 inches high. It is made of wild mulberry wood, a very pale beige in color. Around the body of the basket are two wide black stripes, which in turn are decorated with beige and red stripes. At intervals on the basket are wide bands of leather, decorated with leather fringes. A wide leather band, looking like a handle, is attached at either side of the rim. This band in reality is a headband which the Apaches placed over their foreheads, allowing the basket with its contents to hang down behind their backs. The mulberry wood from which it was made is very strong and durable, so it could withstand heavy loads. The basket was made by the seventh wife of Geronimo, a Mescalero Apache." Her name was Ih-tedda. The side fringes are 14 inches long. They style is that of the Western Apache. It is 8 stitches high and 6 stitches wide.
Brochure of "John Cartwright Railroad Art".

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