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104.140 cm. L Item (Overall)

Skirt - part of wedding dress worn by Mrs. Frank Eddy at their wedding June 24, 1885. It is made from taupe colored silk faille and lined with tan cambric. The skirt is ornate. A fold down the front shows five rosettes, fashioned from the material. The right side of the skirt has a series of 14 pleats, seven to the left of the panel, and 7 to the right held in straight position by bands of lining sewed underneath in four places. The left side is ornamented with ball trimming, fastened by a loop of twisted cord. Four panniers start at the fold of the front and are draped around the 24 inch waist. A ribbon of material with seven deep loops is at the felt back. The skirt is floor length and is finished at the bottom with a pleated band and a grosgrain tape sewed on by hand.

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