Creation Date
1931 – 1955


5.080 cm. D Item (Overall)

28.575 cm. Diameter

A flat bowl basket, 11 1/4 inches in diameter, made in a very, very fine coil weave. The design, in the form of a squash blossom, is achieved through the use of light willow and dark devil's claw. It was made by Susie White, one of the most famous Pima Indian weavers. This basket was selected by Bert Robinson, Superintendent of the Pimas. Mr. Robinson had the largest exhibit of Pima baskets in existence. He said this basket was perfect in every way. I paid $35 for it back in 1933. Bert Robinson, now deceased, wrote "The Basket Weavers of Arizona". This basket has 7 coils per inch. The coils are made up of bundles of split cattails. (Other groups used a three rod coil.) There are 23 stitches per inch. It is coiled counterclockwise. The black that forms the black part of the design is taken from the split seed pod of the devil's claw (Martyana louisana) plant, harvested in late summer but before the first frost. The willow that forms the light part of the design is harvested in March as the new shoots form. The bark is removed immediately and it is split into slender, uniform splints.

Related People and Organizations
White, Susie
Helbing, Cleora
Robinson, Bert

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