Creation Date
1931 – 1943


28.575 cm. H Item (Overall)

"This female adult doll, 11 1/4 inches high, represents the Seminole Indian tribe of Florida. The high black headdress is not a hat, but the way the Seminoles fix their hair, dressing it over a frame or a roll of hair. Note the many layers of multi-colored beads around the neck. Sometimes the Seminole woman wear 16 pounds of beads around their necks. The beads are not removed at night, and, as a result, their neck become very thin and elongated, which is their purpose in wearing the beads. The native dress - full, long gathered skirt and a full cape hanging slightly below the waist -- is made of hundreds of little pieces of cloth, of all colors and patterns. This doll was made by Annie Cypress of the Big Cypress Indian Reservation. Notice how she made the body of the doll of palm bark. I (Cleora Helbing) got the doll on October 25, 1943 from Paul and Edna Burney. They had worked on the Seminole Reservation before going to California." 2007 - there is a label under the skirt that reads "Genuine Hand-made Seminole Doll, made by Annie Cypress, Big Cypress Indian Reservation" The dress is made up of tiny pieces of fabric. The color scheme is mostly pink, blue and white. The design alternates groups of horizontal stripes with 2 bands of geometric designs. All machine pieced. The cape is orange with stripes in the edge. Facial features are stitched on.

Related People and Organizations
Cypress, Annie
Helbing, Cleora

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