Cradle, Board


Creation Date
1931 – 1955


13.970 cm. W x 41.910 cm. L Item (Overall)

"This papoose or cradle board is 16 1/2 inches long and was used by the Warm Springs Indians of Oregon. This model is made of tan buckskin, beaded and laced, with a buckskin doll inserted to show how the Indian babies were strapped in. The fan-shaped top of the cradle board is beaded in white with a red, green and blue bead floral design. A buckskin bonnet is attached on the board where the baby's head lies, and this is used as a sunshade to protect the baby's eyes. To entertain the baby, a raised arch is built over the baby's head. This is beaded in white, green, and red, and bells are attached to keep the child's attention. A strap is attached to the back of the board so that it can hang from a mother's back or from a tree."

Related People and Organizations
Helbing, Cleora

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