Cradle, Board


Creation Date
1931 – 1940


22.860 cm. W x 40.640 cm. L Item (Overall)

This papoose or cradle board is modeled after those used by the Ute Indians of Utah. Sixteen inches long, this cradle board is made entirely of buckskin in fan-shaped symmetry -- the top wide and round; the bottom narrow and blunt. The top fan is decorated in white beads trimmed with green, blue and red beads. The doll, representing an Indian baby, is inserted in the pocket, cut in one piece with the board. This pocket is fringed and beaded in blues, red and greens. A wicker sunshade rests over the head of the child. I received this board on October 2, 1940 at Whiterocks, Utah, from Misses Langley and Carnahan.

Related People and Organizations
Helbing, Cleora

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