Pin, Lapel


Creation Date
1931 – 1955


3.175 cm. W x 5.080 cm. L Item (Overall)

"In the form of a turtle, this pin is made from red leather, with the shell beaded in multi-colored beads. This pin was made by the Sioux Indians and is 1 1/2 inches long." 2007 - There is no pin attached to the turtle - only a small beaded loop. The bottom of the turtle is lines with a row of white beads. It has white eyes made of beads. Turtles of this size were often umbilical cord holders. When the umbilical cord fell off a baby, it was placed in a turtle or lizard shaped amulet and hung in the baby's cradle board. As the child grew, the amulet was kept throught the person's life. Turtles represented long life and good health.

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