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Book, Record
Book, Record
Book, Record
Student Progress Book - Pope County School District #84
Creation Date
1926 – 1930


35 cm H x 22 cm W

Progress record for the students of Pope County School District #84 in Sedan 1926-1930.

Related People and Organizations
Hippe, Irving Ulaick
Rooney, Mildred
Sorenson, Myrtle
Rooney, Lester Nicolus
Hippe, Norma
Alsaker, Alvin Calmer
Alsaker, Selmer O.
Pope County School District #84 (Bangor Township "Corner School")
Brosvig, Pauline
Steffes, Berance
Gaffney, Mildred
Brosvig, Borghild
Landwehr, Eugene
Rooney, James
Rooney, Harvey
Sorenson, Lloyd
Sorenson, Verna
Sorenson, Odin
Sorenson, Adeline
Braeger, Edna
Braeger, Luverne
Braeger, Wesley
Mickelson, James Laverne
Ostgulen, Violet
Sorenson, Gilman
Sorenson, Edlin
Hippe, Harold Paul
Hippe, Randolph Arthur
Kalsbeck, Frances
Kalsbeck, Arthur
Kalsbeck, Gerard
Sandbeck, Ottar
Alsaker, Julia
Alsaker, Amanda
Alsaker, Mable
Serie, Donald
Geographic Names
Sedan, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.57552,-95.24808] [id:5046851]

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