Holder, Match


Creation Date
1911 – 1955


15.875 cm. W x 25.400 cm. L Item (Overall)

Length includes 2" beaded fringe

"This rigid, shield-shaped wall hanging has two pockets toward the top which held matches. It is heavily beaded in green and gun-metal gray. This was one of the prized possessions of Susie Papalow who went around the world with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. She had had this match holder in her home for over 50 years when she gave it to me. It was so old and dirty I didn't want to take it, but since she had given me the beautiful corn husk bag (1966.1.143) which is very difficult to come by, I felt I could not offend her. At least it is a reminder of the days when people used oil lamps and had fancy match holders."

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Papalow, Susie

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