Cradle, Basket




30.480 cm. W x 73.660 cm. L Item (Overall)

"This natural-colored basket, 26 inches long and 12 inches wide, was used to carry the Indian baby, either by cradling the basket with the baby tied into it, in the arms or on the back, or, when the mother was working, by hanging baby and basket on a tree. Notice the loop in the handle which allows the basket to be hung. The basket was made from willow, after the bark had been stripped with the teeth. This basket carried the three sons of Delia Carpenter, a Hoopa. Calvin, one of the sons, was born in 1920. The basket was made by his grandmother, Kity Spot. She was a dear old soul." This open willow basket has cotton lacing to secure the baby. There are 3 x 3 strands per inch.

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