Box of clay pottery fragments. Sherds from many different pots. There are 30 fragments labeled 3-1. There are 167 pieces total. In 2015, Archaeologists from the Minnesota Historical Society visited our museum and identified several of the pieces in this collection. In 2019, staff formally accessioned the identified pieces to 2019.4484. .1 is Brainerd ware from about 1,000 BCE - 400 CE marked with horizontal corded lines. .2 is Check Stamp ware from about 1500 AD. .3 is Brainerd ware from about 1,000 BCE - 400 CE. It is "net impressed" to make the design on the clay. .4 is Plains Village ware from about 1-1300 CE. .5 is Middle Woodland / Onamia from about 1200 years ago. It is decorated on both side of the potshard.

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