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The Secretary's Record of the First 50 years of the Indherred Congregation, Pope County, Minnesota.
Creation Date
1871 – 1919
Secretary's Minutes of meetings of the Indherred Congregation from April 6, 1871 to December 11, 1919. It is a bound notebook with a black plastic binding on antique looking paper that has the Churches Constitution and the list of the Charter Members from the beginning. Those who joined later during the first 50 years are also given. The spelling of the names often changed later. Dates were often omitted both as when members joined and when they transferred to other congregations or died. These notes were translated from Norwegian by Agnes Lein and Olivia Peterson. It was created by the Centennial Committee.

Related People and Organizations
Indherred Lutheran Church
Lein, Agnes
Peterson, Olivia Theresa
Geographic Notes
Starbuck, Minnesota.
Geographic Names
Indherred Church, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.65607,-95.52976] [id:5031197]
Early Indherred Community Cemetery, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.64388,-95.50944] [id:5024919]
Starbuck, Pope, Minnesota, United States, NA [45.6144,-95.53115] [id:5048587]

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