Creation Date
1931 – 1955


7.620 cm. H Item (Overall)

10.160 cm. Diameter

"A black maiden-hair fern basket with a natural colored cedar root rim and gold porcupine quill trim in the shape of arrows. This round basket is four inches in diameter and was made by Mrs. "Grandma" Quimby, a full-blood Hoopa who, when she gave it to me was about 100 years old. " "I never went to Hoopa, California, that I did not visit with "Grandma" Quimby. She could not speak English, and I could not speak a word of Hoopa. And yet by sign language and pointing, she told me how she went to the high mountains for grass, how she went to the Trinity River and gathered the first new willow roots in the spring of the year, showed how she removed the bark by pulling the root through her teeth, how she gathered manzanita from which she made the beautiful orange red dye found in many Hoopa baskets, how she started to weave or form a basket, and how she used different stitches." -From Cleora's guide to the collection. There are 16 rows of 11 stitches per inch.

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