Basket, Fruit


God's Amazing Grace; 100 Years; 1890-1990, In Retrospect, In Prospect
Creation Date
1931 – 1955


17.780 cm. H Item (Overall)

27.940 cm. Diameter

The top basket is 3.5 inches deep.

"This Hoopa basket has a narrow, tapered base on which a rounding bowl is woven. It is 11 inches in diameter and 7 inches high. It was made by Mrs. Reeves, another fine Hoopa basket weaver, who used willow root as a base, weaving into it grass, manzanita and maiden hair fern as trim. Mrs. Reeves was a middle-aged Indian, very busy raising a family. She did not make tightly woven baskets because she was so busy. In fact, she always said that her baskets were not good baskets because they were too "lacy". " The design is not visible from the inside of the basket. The design is simple stripes with a few triangles at regular intervals. There are 12 rows of 8 stitches per inch.
Booklet titled "God's Amazing Grace/100 Years/1891-1990/In Retrospect/In Prospect." The booklet has soft white paper covers, white paper pages, and a stapled spine. Seen on the front cover are the title along with illustrations of a cross with an opened Bible in front of it, the original church building, and the current church. The booklet was produced as part of the church's centennial celebration. It includes a welcoming message from Pastor Holz, a copy of the Lord's Prayer, images of the original church building, early pastors, early church employees, and a history of the church from its formation in 1890 to the present (1990). Albrecht, J. G. Moebus, Erich Boessling, Sophie Kock, C. F. Schuetze, W. Grunze, Richard Bohnsack, Adeline Storm, Dawn Albrecht, Christa Lau, Jean Radtke, Gordon Williams, Hope Manthe, Loretta Draeger, Wanda Schultz, Melville Wickus, Barbara Pabst, Magdalene Andresen, Carole Kettner, Darla Gurgel, Roland Rauschke, Charlotte Marcotte, Sharon Schlicht, Robert Seefeldt, Karen

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