Basket, Winnowing


An Age of Barns
Creation Date
1931 – 1955


55.880 cm. W x 74.930 cm. L Item (Overall)

"This large, kite shaped basket was made by the Hoopas from willow. It was used to separate the nuts from their shells. This winnower is very old. " It has 2 rows and 5 stitches per inch.
Book "An Age of Barns" by Eric Sloane. Originally published by Funk & Wagnalls Publishing Company, Inc. 1967. Third Printing, March 1975. Published by Ballantine Books, New York. John Schwartau (donor's husband) and Bernice Schwartau farmed in Section 30 in Featherstone Township. Deaccession Recommended. 4) Mission. Will be offered to Education and Outreach Coordinator, like institution, or the public.

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