;How to Identify Japanese Aircraft
Creation Date
1931 – 1955

19.050 cm. Diameter

"A plaque, 7 1/2 inches in diameter, with a braided edge and a manzanita or alder trim in the center. This was woven by Mrs. Josephine Campbell, a Hoopa Indian." This basket has 18 rows of 11 stitches per inch.
1977 Red Wing Twin Bluff Middle School yearbook "Just Bluffin'".

Booklet titled "How to Identify Japanese Aircraft" by George B. Graham. The booklet has tan paper covers printed in black, newsprint paper pages printed in black, and a stapled spine. The front cover has red stripes and shows the title, author, a small illustration of an airplane, and the text "An Essential Book for Every Australian/66 Illustrations of Japanese Raiders/Sound Advice on Air Raid Precautions." The piece is 29 pages long and includes information about identifying aircraft, instructions on what to do in an air raid, and illustrations of the Mitsubishi, Type 91/1 Hiro, Type 96 Mitsubishi Mitsu 95, Type 97, Kawanisi, Type 97 Mitsubishi, Aichi A. I. 104, Junkers Ju 52, Type 97 Kawasaki Kawa 95, Type 98 Mitsubishi Mitsu 106, Mitsubishi Dairai 108, Fiat B.R.-20, Mitsubishi M.C. 20, Type "O" Mitsubishi, Kawanisi Kawa 94, Type 94 Kawanisi, Type 95, Aici Tokei A. I. 92, and Nakajima Naka 93. The end of the booklet lists additional war-related books for sale. Written on the back cover are the names of two soldiers, one from Indiana and one from Massachusetts, who used the booklet.

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Helbing, Cleora

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